100% Working Method on How To Root Android [2021] with or without PC


If you’ve done any research on the topic of Android phones, you most likely have come across the term rooting. Did you know? A rooted device can be ten times more powerful than the same unrooted device. But what exactly is rooting, and how is it done?  

This is a post explains what rooting is, the pros and cons of rooting, and the best method to root your android device. 


A Rooted Android Phone

Rooting an android means removing the restrictions and limitations from the device to perform higher tasks. It is similar to jailbreaking an iPhone. After rooting, you can access all the settings and sub-settings of your phone i.e. you get access to the entire operating system to customize and bypass any restrictions the manufacturer applied on the device. 


Here are some advantages and disadvantages of rooting your android     device 
INSTALLATION of CUSTOM ROMS : A custom rom is a modified android version which has extra features and can be installed on a rooted phone. There are hundreds of custom ROMs that increase a phone’s processing speed and change the look and feel. 

CPU CLOCKING : With Root privileges, you can overclock the CPU of your mobile device to improve its performance, or underclock it to increase its battery life. 

DELETE PRE-INSTALLED APPS(BLOATWARE) :  By default, users can not remove pre-installed apps added by the manufacturer.  After rooting, these apps ca be uninstalled 

INSTALL INCOMPATIBLE APPS : Most super apps require root access to run on android. These super apps give you greater control over your phone, allowing you to customize and tweak system hardware and software 

INCREASE BATTERY LIFE : There are some special apps which enable you to tweak your battery performance and increase the battery life. Example is Greenify 

AD BLOCKING : Rooted devices have the best ad blocking apps to block any type of adds on android 

FULL BACKUPS : You can make full android backups with some special apps when you have root access enabled. An example is Titanium backup 
BRICKING YOUR DEVICE : If not done properly, rooting can brick your device making it completely unusable like a piece of brick. Soft bricked devices can be solved but hard brickes devices can only be solved by changing motherboard 

ROOTING VOIDS WARRANTY : Most android manufacturers do not allow rooting as a result you’d lose your device warranty after it has been rooted. 

SECURITY PROBLEMS : Rooting makes you lose the android security updates. Hence you should be very careful on the apps you install after rooting your device 


Before rooting your device, make sure you meet all the precautionary steps below :
  • At least 50% battery level. 
  • Make full backup of data 
  • Internet connection necessary (Wi-Fi network suggested). 
  • Allow installation of apps from unknown sources.     

Go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources. 

  • Enable USB Debugging. Google how to enable USB Debugging settings on your android model.


Follow the steps below to root your android device without PC 

STEP 1 : Download KingoRoot App 

Click on the link below to download the KingoRoot apk for free on your android. 
Link : Click Here 

STEP 2 : Install KingoRoot  

If you didn’t enable “Unknown Sources” in Settings > Security as stated earlier in the requirements steps, then during installation, you will get a prompt “Install blocked”. 
Just enable “Unknown Sources” in settings and follow the phone instructions to install kingoroot on your device

STEP 3 : Launch KingoRoot and Start Rooting 

After the installation is done, launch the app and click on “One Click Root” to start the rooting process 

STEP 4 : Wait for Rooting Process to Complete 

Leave the app to finish the rooting process. Make sure your internet connection is active during the rooting process 


After the process is complete, you would get a message confirming whether the process completed successfully or failed. If it failed, it is highly recommended you try several times. This is because there are several rooting methods integrated in the app, however, it would only run one at a time. 


The PC Version of rooting have higher success rate than the android version. There are many methods to root your android with PC. Sone of the methods are listed below 

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