How to get Airtel Nigeria 49MB and 50MB Daily Cheat For EC Tunnel PRO and LITE VPN

 I will be sharing a new Airtel free browsing cheat for everyone to enjoy. This is the latest Airtel Nigeria free browsing cheat for EC Tunnel PRO VPN and EC Tunnel LITE VPN. Although it’s not unlimited, but it’s worth it because it is totally free, fast and stable.

Airtel 49MB and Airtel 50MB cheat are now available on EC Tunnel PRO VPN and EC Tunnel LITE VPN. These cheats are very fast and can be used on a daily basis. It’s small but can help you with your daily social media chatting and a quick Internet browsing.

Without wasting so much of our time, let’s get straight to the main topic of this post. Kindly follow the settings below and enjoy.
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Airtel 49MB and 50MB Daily Cheat For EC Tunnel VPN

Like I said earlier, you can use the cheat on a daily basis. For example, if you exhaust the Airtel 49MB tweak, then you can connect with the 50MB tweak. If you exhaust both, you have to wait again until the next day before you can be able to connect again.
  1. That being said, next step is to download EC Tunnel PRO VPN Here or download EC Tunnel LITE VPN Here
  2. After installing the vpn, kindly open it. 


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  3. In the Server List, select Airtel 49MB or 50MB Server and in the Tweak List, select either Airtel 49MB or 50MB tweak and Connect. 

  4. NOTE: If you are using EC Tunnel PRO VPN, make sure you select Proxy Port 80, else it won’t Connect.
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