It is a widely spread belief that Anambra people have a pronounced concept of morality and ethical values. Attempts have also been made to show how this can be maintained through the available agencies that are related and concerned with the life of the people. Moreover the moral sanctity of Anambra people has degenerated to an abysmal level thus.

4.1 Immodest Dressing

Immodest dress is a type of dress that attracts unusual attention to an exposed body especially of women. Immodest dress has always been sinful in the sight of God. According to Gen 3: 1-21 the Bible observes that when Adam and Eve’s eyes were opened to sin and shame they realized their nakedness and made for themselves aprons of fig leaves and covered their loins and hid from God. But those little aprons they made for themselves, which probably covered up more than many popular swimsuits of today, were not enough to satisfy God. Women are no longer modest in the name of fashion which has affected the level of morality in Anambra.

Onoyima (2006: 7-8) observes, and lists the scandalous dresses which has shown the degenerated level of morality. These are: “leggings, hip stars, hug-me/half-cut, Kiss-me, Onu – gbajie – boys, Onitsha – show – your – back, show – your – chest – parade – blouses, off – shoulders, spaggetti, blouse/gowns, see-through- air-condition-dresses, sleeveless gown/blouses, one hand blouse, fish blouse, fly over, body hug, short gowns, half “ori – okpa – “trousers, half – neck blouses/gowns, short/mini fish skirts, gate-way, indomi, imalu ndi anyi bu, Ala (madness) Yiba boys/ikam anyi ara, show chest blouses and so on. The aforementioned scandalous and sensational dresses were some of the key factors that lowered our moral sanctity even in Anambra. It promotes immorality and rape.

4.2 Fornication

Fornication is a term that typically refers to consensual sexual intercourse between two people not married to each other (Wikipedia the free encyclopedia). For many people, the term carries a moral or religious connotation. Fornication is regarded differently by various religions, societies and cultures. Fornication is often used as a blanket term to encompass all sexual activity outside of marriage and even sexual thoughts (i.e. sexual lust/fantasies) that were considered unrighteous by the Old Testament laws of Leviticus, including incest, bestiality and “lying with a man as with a woman” (i.e. homosexuality). Fornication is one of the degenerating factors which has rendered Anambra immoral today. So, it is common among Anambra people.

4.3 Stealing

Wikipedia, 2019 defines stealing as the name of a statutory offence in California, Canada, England and Wales, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and Victoria. The word is also used as an informal shorthand term for some crimes against property, such as burglary, embezzlement, larceny, looting, robbery and shoplifting, fraud and sometimes criminal conversion. In some jurisdictions, stealing is considered to be synonymous with larceny. It is one of the degenerating factors of morality in Anambra because once what you collect is not yours; it amounts to stealing. 

*4.4 Rape

*4.5 Robbery

*4.6 Thuggery 

*4.7 Get Rich Syndrome (Materialism) 

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Moral life has degenerated among Anambra people from what it used to be in traditional times. This has been discovered to be as a result of some degenerating level of morality which is due to technological innovations that have forced them to adopt mechanisms that are considered to be immoral. Other causes include economic deprivation, frustration from society, misuse of information obtained through modern means of communication among others. The government and the society at large have roles to play. Thus, all hands must be on deck to restore Anambra back to its glorious former glory.

5.2 Recommendations

The following recommendations are made to revive the degenerating standards of morality in Anambra Community:

  • Morality should be observed in all religious practices as it helps to unite a community,
  • Local Governments should assist the traditional ruler on the need of rebranding the youth so as to observe to the Laws and norms of Anambra Community and the society at large.
  • As morality is believed to be a crucial aspect in the community, the Anambra people and the society at large should constitute the norms, values and traditions that should bind them together.
  • There is need to proffer solution since morality has degenerated, so, the Anambra people and the society need coercion and punishment so that their evil tendencies could be checked.


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