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 Have another sip of your coffee here, its not an easy something but we move. “Shey i never tire ni! Am tired oo and its 32 chapters“. Lol! We cant be tired jare, we must finish what we started. Meanwhile enjoy chapter six, seven and eight dear. 

Chapter Six
Hail, Biafra, the Land of Freedom
Mr. and Mrs. Buno went to stay in the bungalow they had earlier built alongside his returnee brother and family. Deze’s grandmother died and had a nice burial ceremony. Buns’s thought of being dead kept on revisiting his thick skull.
Chapter Seven
The Air-Raid
Nigeria soldiers and people in the military forcefully entered into Biafra. Youths and men were brave enough to join the army even in a fierce period as such. Kelechi and Jideofor were friends not much until Jideofor was captured, probably to join the army. Air-raids had begun again shortly after Jideofor was captured. The first air-raid took everyone by surprise. No sooner than later had the air-raid become a daily affairs. Communities had to build bunkers for such raids and that proved efficient enough.
Chapter Eight
The Distant Market Women
Food scarcity heightened. Hunger and starvation was on the increase daily. Women made distant markets because of the scarcity. This was a great risk though. Occasionally, some of them are harassed sexually by some of the enemy soldiers and sometimes, some get lucky enough to escape it. On some of the journeys, some of the women lost their goods, but Deze’s mother got lucky. Her goods was still intact. They had lost Mrs. Liliana to one of the air-raids on their first travel. Gonma felt shattered at the loss of her mother. She meant everything to her.
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